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R&D manager


1.      Responsible for electronic work transition in R&D and related problem solution (including PCBA, HID test fixture and new product development);
2.      Coordinate technical support during the process of new product development and design the related test fixture;
3.      To promote the new product development (including power supply, control, etc);
4.      Assist Director to deal with daily work to achieve department goals;
5.      Draft engineer job description and their work evaluation;
6.      Go on errands into overseas if work needed.
Position Qualifications:

1.      BS degree or above in relevant electronics discipline.
2.      Above ten years experience in Engineering with a minimum of five years of managerial experience.
3.      Must have strong interpersonal and problem solving skills.
4.      Familiar with basic computer software, such as Word, Excel, CAD etc
5.      Excellent command of both Chinese and English.
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