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Finance Manager

Purpose of the Role

Responsible for FA, MA and statutory reporting, ensure Baan accuracy.
Main Responsibilities / Critical tasks

-          1st review on FA, MA and statutory reports
-          Co-ordinate and supervise subordinates’ works on preparing reporting
-          Monitor Baan to ensure all transactions are comply with company policies.
-          Co-ordinate interim/annual audit for PRC and IAS auditors
-          Accurate and punctual on  FA, MA and statutory reporting
-          Ensure all reporting are comply with relevant accounting principles, local regulations and identify potential problems to business controller.
-          Continue to develop tools and process to increase efficiency on reporting
Skills & Knowledge

-          Leadership skill
-          Excellent Baan knowledge
-          Excellent accounting knowledge – IAS and PRC
-          Good local tax, SAFE knowledge
-          Excellent PC skills
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