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IE Manager

Job Summary/职位概述

Overall management of IE Department. Leads the team to achieve targets on manufacturing resource planning, efficiency improvement, and fixed assets management, etc..
Job Responsibilities & Duties/职位职责

-          Coordinates and establishes manufacturing resources planning to cope with business expansion.
-          Conducts manufacturing capacity planning, headcount planning. Assesses efficiencies of operators and equipments.
-          Leads relevant departments in manufacturing process improvement for the purpose of efficiency raise and cost down.
-          Designs and develops layout of factory, including shop floors, office, living quarter, warehouse, lab, and etc.
-          Builds and develops the IE team. Provide training and coaching to subordinates for performance improvement and personal development.
Work Experience/工作经验

-          Min. 5 years experience in Industrial Engineering, with min. 2 years experience in management position.
-          Experience in electronics industry is a must.
-          Experience in multi-national company is preferred.
Professional Skill/所需专业技能

-          Well versed in IE tools, QC tools. Good engineering concept. Good financial understanding.
-          Sound leadership.
-          Good communications skills and presentation skills.
-          Good PC skills in Excel, Word, Power Point, Outlook, etc.
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